Shape your own Surfboard

We have opened up our shaping facilities to the public, which we have split into 2 options:

Shape your own board

DIY Shaping

If you are a Home Shaper looking for a space to get creative and make a mess, then you can rent our shaping bay for R400.00 per day, which includes the use of our tools.

Blanks: We only sell Surfblanks Africa as they are the best quality Polyurethane Blanks in South Africa!

“Polyurethane foam blanks are the core of your board. It is what the shaper works with to create your specific board shape. A cheaper blank will have a lower quality, weaker foam and will have less resistance to dings and breakages. Lower quality blanks are also more prone to shrinkage, which causes major problems for your board. Shapers must choose the right blank for the final board to ensure a stronger deck as the less foam removed the harder the blank remains. The foam in the middle of the blank is a lot softer than the outer skin. “

Taken from Trigger Bros


Please click below to download our Blanks Price List.

Note that the DIY Shaping option means that you are left alone to shape your own Surfboard. We do not help you in any way and you need to bring your own Template.

DIY surfboard shaping

Learn to Shape Course

The Learn To Shape Course runs over 2 days. It INCLUDES:

  • Surfboard Blank
  • The use of a Template
  • The Use of the Shaping Tools
  • 2 days in the Shaping Bay
  • Step-by-Step Guidance


  • Glassing
  • Fin Systems
  • Artwork
  • Lunch

You will learn:

- How to cut and profile a blank

- How to use a planer and other shaping tools

- How to bend rails and rocker lines

Please check out the board options below.

Board Options

These templates are for the learn to shape course only.

6.1x19 Board






Size: 6’1” X 19 ¼”

Price: R3900.00


5.1x18 Board







Size: 5’10 X 18”

Price: R3900.00


5.1x21 Fish Board







Size: 5’10” X 21”

Price: R4200.00


7.0x22 Board







Size: 7’0” X 22 ½”           

Price: R4500.00


9.2x22 Board







Size: 9’2” X 22 ¾”

Price: R4800.00


Booking is essential!  Please email or call us at least 2 weeks in advance to check availability. A deposit of half is required to secure your space, and the other half must be paid upon completion. 

These prices are per person. We have 2 shaping bays available, which means we can teach 2 people at the same time.

If you would like to have a friend in the bay with you to watch, it’s an extra R500.00 pp


*PLEASE NOTE* We do not offer tuition in either Glassing/ Laminating and Sanding of Surfboards


We do Vouchers! Perfect for Birthday and Christmas presents!

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