Restorations are our favorite thing!

We love it when customers bring us old surfboards they’ve found, or had stored in a garage: for full restoration!

When a customer brings in an old-school surfboard that needs some TLC, we assess the board’s damage, and then figure out the best colours/design to cover up all the repair work. This gives you the opportunity to change the board's colour to anything your heart desires. Although sometimes you don’t even need to cover anything up, which restores the surfboard back to its original self.

Most of the time there’s so much damage to the surfboard that the repair alone would be expensive… BUT because we love fixing up old boards, we make sure everyone is happy - helping the customer out by keeping costs low.
Not quality, just costs.

So PLEASE, bring us your old boards!!! Whether you want to surf them again, or just hang them on your wall as a collector’s item.

Let us restore them back to life 


Here’s an excerpt of a story to inspire:

“I soon gave up on fixing it, because it was way above my level of experience, and I know I would’ve done a crap job, doing the situation no justice… so I waited. Then one evening I meet Buzzy and Petra, who are about to open a sort of ‘surf factory’ that repairs surfboards. Guess what, I end up telling them my story and the rest is history. When I bring the board to the opening day of ‘The Board Box’, Buzzy takes one look at it and says: “This is definitely fixable, bru!”

It was so much fun coming up with the design. The spray and repair work looks awesome. Needless to say, I am super stoked with the end result, and can’t wait to take her out for a surf!”

~ Robert Roxin (Happy customer)


Full story here:


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