Board Repairs


We repair Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surfboards, Kiteboards, Wakeboards, Windsurfers and Skimboards.

Any size dings, creases and snaps! We have a team of highly trained Repair Technicians who work hard to make sure that your repair is done with accuracy and efficiency. It’s really difficult to make a repair look like if was never there, but these guys try their best!

We use high quality Polyester and Epoxy resins. Mixed to a winning formula, which ensures a good strength to weight ratio. We then clothe and sand. Steven has been sanding boards since 2006. He can sand down to a millimeter using a mechanical sander, and then the rest is done by hand.

We then use 180 and 220 grit water paper to finish off the repair.

The board is then handed over to our Spray Artist who does any touch-ups, if required.

We have a 5 working days turnaround time for Surfboards, and 14 working days for SUPs. This fluctuates according to outside temperatures, and whether or not your board has absorbed water.

NOTHING CAN BE FIXED IF IT IS STILL WET! So please don’t surf your board after it has been dinged. Ironically the core of a surfboard doesn’t react well with water. Use duct tape to cover dings if you still want to surf the board. It creates extra work for us if you use wax. The best thing would to be not to surf your surfboard if it’s dinged, as you don’t want to get what we call 'board cancer'. Once this happens, it takes a lot of work to get your surfboard back into surfing condition.

Please email us a photo of your ding for a price estimate and let’s get you back into the water!

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