Custom Surfboard Artwork


There are so many options when it comes to getting custom artwork done on your board. It’s kind of like getting a tattoo!

Design, Style, Colours? 

That’s why we have a team of creative people to help you!

Petra is the Creative Director. She works alongside the customer, helping them with their design, and then relays the design brief to the artist, Alessandro, making sure that the standards and deadlines are met.

We offer the service of Custom Artwork because we know that our Quality ranks as one of the best in the Country. Many Surf Shops send their Customers directly to us!

Please note that Petra isn’t a graphic designer. You are welcome to send her your ideas, but please don’t ask her to create your artwork from scratch. You supply the artwork and she makes it happen!

We can also print photo quality designs onto rice paper and then laminate it onto your board. This is great option for Corporate Orders.

We can duplicate any artwork you would like on your surfboard. Why have a board that looks the same as everyone elses? Get custom artwork on your board!

Send through your artwork ideas to and for a quote.

Petra is currently on Maternity leave until January 2017. If you have a super complex idea- we suggest waiting until she has returned, but if it's basic then just send your artwork to and he will be able to sort you out- no worries!

BE UNIQUE! With custom artwork from The Board Box!

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