Custom Surfboards: BUZUKA

Buzuka Surfboards are affordable, custom surfboards.

Shaped by local shaper Buzzy Joell

Designing your own Custom Surfboard is easy as bru!

Don’t worry if you have any questions, or you’re not sure what you need. Buzzy does custom shapes to suit all types of surfers.

If you are keen to have a custom surfboard shaped just for you, then please come in and see us, drop us a mail or give us a call. Buzz will chat to you about your experience level, where you surf the most, weight and height (since all these will influence the shape of your ideal board) and he’ll help design your custom surfboard from scratch. Buzz has a mountain of surfboard knowledge and a truckload of patience!

We’ll also help you with your Custom Surfboard Artwork. Might as well pimp up your new stick right?

Whether you’re new to surfing or live for the swell, a Custom Surfboard brings out the best in your surfing ability.

Buzzy also offer Shaping Lessons. Visit our Shape Your Own Surfboard page to find out more. 

Keep up-to-date with Buzzys work here:

Click below to download a price list:

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